Masonry Heaters and Tile Stoves


Masonry heaters are efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems that have long been used to warm homes in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia by storing and radiating heat through interior channels.  A centerpiece of any home, masonry heaters may be custom designed with brick, stone, ceramic tile, or soapstone. Due to their interior structures, masonry heaters radiate heat throughout a home over a period of 12 to 24 hours.  Not only are masonry heaters aesthetically pleasing, they are also more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than other forms of home heating .

Unlike coal, gas, and oil heaters, masonry heaters utilize renewable biomass that can be locally obtained.  Moreover, masonry heaters produce significantly less tar and creosote, if any, than fireplaces.  A high burn temperature (up to 2000 deg. F) increases heating efficiency and enables owners to fire a heater with less wood than a conventional wood-burning heating system. Additionally, due to their structural design, masonry heaters and kachelofens keep interior living spaces cleaner.  Ovens are also available for design and installation.